Bridging the Gap
Welcome to the first edition of Bridging the Gap, the quarterly newsletter from the GAP2 project covering our latest news, an interview with the BBC's Monty Halls and what's coming soon for the GAP2 project.
Deep-spawning whitefish in Lake Vättern © Alfred SandströmSwedish Fishermen Reveal Whitefish PhenomenonThe existence of a special type of whitefish, known to fishermen for 100s of years, has been revealed to scientists for the first time during the GAP2 project.
Red ShrimpFirst Ever Fishery Management Plan For MediterraneanMediterranean fisheries are facing a more sustainable future, now that GAP2 scientists, fishermen and policy makers have co-produced the sea’s first ever fishery management plan.
Maps of Sandy and Rocky Substrates © UDCPlotting The Path To Spanish SustainabilityFishermen and scientists are working together to map the sea floor, in a bid for sustainable Spanish fisheries.
Sorting Fish18 Months In – GAP2’s Achievements So FarThe Executive Summary of the GAP2 18 month report, providing a brief overview of GAP2's achievements so far.
The Sala Consiliare of the city of ChioggiaGAP2 Catalyses Commitment To Collaboration In ChioggiaISPRA scientists present preliminary results of the first fishery-independent trawl survey to be conducted in the Adriatic to 60 fishermen.
Monty Halls Calls for CollaborationEarlier this year, GAP2 spoke to marine biologist and BBC television presenter Monty Halls about how fishermen, scientists and policy makers can work towards sustainable fisheries.

Having spent eight months living the life of a crab fishermen in Cornwall, Monty was uniquely placed to propose two solutions that help solve the problems faced by Europe's fisheries.

Want to know what they were? Watch and find out.

Monty's current venture is "Great Escapes", an eco-tourism business in Devon, UK.
Coming soon

The GAP2 Exchange!
In early 2013, GAP2 scientists and fishermen are traveling all over the world to share their understanding and learn from others who are collaborating across sectors, in an effort to work towards sustainable fisheries. To follow their experiences and see how you can contribute - watch our website.

The Secret Life of the Bottom Dwellers.
If the harsh Swedish winter permits, Alfred Sandström will be taking a research vessel to Lake Sandstrom to study the stock size of the newly found type of whitefish spawning at the bottom of Lake Vättern. Stay tuned to find out more.

Workshop on Social Science Methods.
GAP2 will be holding a two-day workshop on social science methods employed within the GAP2 project in Chioggia, Italy in February 2013. If you're interested in finding out more about this gathering of scientists and stakeholders, please email